Our History and Goals

This property management company was created because the owner and managers have investment properties that were managed by the more prominent property management companies in the upstate South Carolina area. These property management companies were profit-driven and were not to the satisfaction of either property owners or tenants.

After many years of enduring these property management companies, the owners decided to take matters into their own hands. Having been tenants and property owners, our company knows exactly what practices are unethical and stay away from these practices for all of our customers.

We hope that if we have your business, we can guarantee fair treatment and customer satisfaction.

As your property management company, we make the following promises to you as a tenant or landlord:

- Never to make any unreasonable charges

- Agents present at all viewings

- Have a dedicated 24hr emergency contact

- Attentive agents to cater to your needs and questions

- Reliable and licensed repairmen without inflated charges

- Walkthrough property inspections every 6 months