Our owner has been a property owner and landlord for over 10 years. As a result, the owner has had properties mis-managed by local property management companies and has left those companies as an unsatisfied customer. This is why Upstate Properties guarantees your satisfaction if you let our managers rent out your properties. 

We will treat your properties as our own and won't charge you for basic maintenance fees such as walk-through inspections (done every 6 months) or supervised showings of your property to prospective renters.

We value open lines of communications and will value your opinions, suggestions, and input. We also boast high occupancy rates and aggressive tactics that seek out qualified renters, as opposed to the passive approach taken by other companies.

So if you're tired of having to stay vigilant because of erratic charges and constant problems from your current property management company, please contact our managers for a discussion and walkthrough on how we can help manage your property.

Sample Management Agreement

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